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Why HolidayPhone?

A HolidayPhone SIM lets you call, text and surf while you're abroad, without paying a fortune. Need a SIM card for your mobile or tablet? We've got you covered. Avoid expensive roaming fees when you take your connected lifestyle abroad!

HolidayPhone, take your connected lifestyle abroad!
When are you leaving?
Departure date (YYYY-MM-DD):
Return date (YYYY-MM-DD):
Select package and number of SIMs
HolidayPhone UK Voice+Data SIM card
  • British Prepaid SIM card.
  • Call to USA for just £0.02/min ($0.03).
  • Activate optional 1GB data bundle for £10 (3G speeds).
  • You receive calls on your usual US mobile number without any international roaming fees.
  • Includes 1 hour of free incoming calls forwarded from the US (value $60).
  • No initial balance included. Add credit according to your needs below.
  • Welcome letter with easy to read instructions.
  • No obligations. No contract. No arbitrary fees.
UK Data Only SIM Card - 1GB
  • UK Prepaid data SIM card (image).
  • 1GB/30 days 3G speed mobile broadband SIM
  • Ready for use in your cell phone, USB modem, tablet or WiFi hotspot.
  • Data Service Only. No voice service.
  • No obligations. No contract. No arbitrary fees.
UK Data Only SIM Card - 3GB
  • UK Prepaid data SIM card (image).
  • 3GB/90 days 3G speed mobile broadband SIM.
  • Ready for use in your cell phone, USB modem, WiFi-hotspot or tablet.
  • Data Service Only. No voice service.
  • No obligations. No contract. No arbitrary fees.
Optionally add:
10 GBP Top Up Voucher

£10 topup voucher for outgoing calls and texts (Voice and Data SIM only). Redeemed manually from your phone once you arrive, using a voucher code provided by HolidayPhone.

ZTE MF60 Mobile WIFI Hotspot (unlocked)

The ZTE MF60 is a MIFI-Router to create your own mobile WIFI hotspot for a party traveling together. You can connect your cellular phones, iPads/tablets and computers to gain access to wireless mobile internet on the go. Works perfectly even if your cellular phone is carrier-locked.

  • Not carrier locked. Use with any network - also in the US
  • Chargable battery. 4-5 hours usage time
  • 2G frequencies 850/900/1800/1900Mhz.
    3G frequencies 850/1900/2100Mhz.
  • Up to 21Mbps for up to 8 connected devices
  • European plug included, but charges with any USB charger

If you plan to use it with a SIM card that requires text message activation of the data bundle, you need to initially insert the SIM card in an unlocked phone (to send the activation text). However, if the SIM card is a plain data-only SIM, you can insert the SIM directly into the ZTE MF60.

SIM card is not included, and is sold separately (above). Select Standard SIM size

$ 0.00

Keep in mind:

  • Get the right size
    Double check to find out if you need a standard, micro or nano SIM card.

  • Purchase top ups
    Don't forget to add top ups or data plans, if needed, when you place your order. Generally, our basic SIM packages do not have a balance.

  • Your phone must be unlocked
    In order to use our SIM cards, your cell phone cannot be locked to a carrier. If you're unsure, contact your operator directly. Or maybe you have an older, unlocked phone you can use instead?

  • Do you have any questions?
    Check out our FAQ
Guidance & tips

1. When are you leaving?

We need to know your date of departure in order to forward your incoming calls from your US cellphone number. Specify the date when you will be leaving the US.

Your order will be delivered a few days prior to your departure. If you are planning to leave within a week, we recommend you to use UPS Express shipping (next step).

2. Select package and number of SIMs

If you are traveling in a party we recommmend that you order one HolidayPhone package for each person, as all calls are very cheap between each other if you all have local SIM cards.

When ordering two or more HolidayPhone packages you get Free Shipping.

You can easily buy more top up vouchers in the UK. These are sold in kiosks and supermarkets all over United Kingdom.

Tariffs in the UK

  Voice&Data SIM Data SIM
Data SIM
Calls to USA £0.02/min ($0.03)
Except Hawaii £0.03/min and Alaska £0.04/min
Receive all calls dialed to the UK number Free N/A N/A
Receive calls on your American mobile phone number in the UK 1 hour free call forwarding from the US included in price. Additional call forwarding from $0.15/min. N/A N/A
Mobile Internet £10 for 1GB/30 days 1GB included 3GB included
Receive text messages Free N/A N/A
Send text message within UK 12p/ea. Unlimited free within O2 network** N/A N/A
Send text message to USA £0.10 ($0.16) N/A N/A
Calls within UK 25p for first 3 minutes, after that 5p/min. Unlimited Free within O2 network** N/A N/A
Call travel companion also using HolidayPhone Unlimited Free** N/A N/A
Required handset frequencies 900/1800 (2G) or 2100Mhz (3G) 2100Mhz (3G) 2100Mhz (3G)
Initial call balance £0 N/A N/A

**) When you top up at least £15 call balance to be used for international calls. Valid for 30 days.

To extend another 30 days, repeat above procedure after 30 days.

Any questions? Please contact
Customer Services.