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*Based on Verizon and AT&T charges, information compiled March 2014.

**1 MB = approx. 10 mins on Facebook, 1 email with attachments, 1 min of streamed music.

Prepaid SIM card in the UK with mobile data


Save up to 98% on calls and $20 per MB on data, compared to leading home operators.

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Hassle-free, simple instructions. No contracts or commitments.


Control your costs and get a safe, personal internet connection.

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  • XL XL


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    • Great for a month abroad
    • Data: Unlimited at 3G speed
    • Call balance:300 UK Minutes, 3000 UK Texts
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    This is a great package with a great amount of local calls, as well as an unlimited data bundle.

     This package includes:

    • Your own British SIM and mobile number
    • Unlimited mobile data at 3G speed, valid for 30 days


    300 Local UK Call Minutes, 1000 UK texts. 


    Need more talk time? Add top up vouchers to your order in the next step

    The SIM card is valid for one year and the validity is extended when you top up with more credit. The package is valid 30 days from the start of usage

    Our smart travel SIMs work in any unlocked phone. Not sure if your device is unlocked? Ask your operator to unblock it or use an older phone!

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  • Data-Only Data-Only


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    • Perfect for your tablet
    • Data: 1 GB at 3G speed
    • No activation needed
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    If you only need internet access for your device, this is the perfect choice for you.

     This package includes:

    • A pre-activated British data SIM card
    • Internet access only (no call service)
    • 1 GB mobile data at 3G speed, valid for 30 days


    Get 1 GB mobile internet valid for 30 days, ready for use as soon as you arrive! Just insert the SIM card in your tablet, phone, WiFi router or USB modem and start chatting, surfing the web or streaming music and videos, instantly!

    Our smart travel SIMs work in any unlocked phone, USB modem, tablet or MiFi device. Not sure if your device is unlocked? Ask your operator to unlock it or try one of our WiFi hotspots in the next step!

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