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Cheap mobile internet & calls in Italy!

Stay connected while you're abroad, without paying a fortune

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Get a prepaid travel SIM for Italy and place calls, send texts and enjoy cheap mobile internet during your trip. Stream music from a remote Sardinian beach or catch up on Facebook while exploring Sicily, without coming home to a huge phone bill!

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  • Use your phone while you're abroad, without crazy roaming fees
  • Receive calls on your usual number with our call forwarding service
  • Get your own European number and affordable mobile data packages
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Why choose HolidayPhone?


HolidayPhone’s prepaid SIM cards have kept more than 100.000 travelers connected abroad since 2010. We only cooperate with the most trusted telecom operators globally. Our Italian SIM cards are provided by Three and Noverca using the TIM network, one of the biggest networks in Italy.

Great rates

When you use a local SIM card in Italy, you save tons of money compared to roaming with your home operator. Best of all, with a prepaid SIM card, you're in control of how much you want to spend - you'll never come home to an expensive phone bill after your trip. No unexpected charges, no roaming fees.

Time saver

Get your SIM card before you leave on your trip! Order your Italian SIM card from HolidayPhone and receive your order by post, saving valuable travel time. Get connected as soon as you arrive in Italy!

Flat Rate internet in Italy

Voice & Data SIM Card for Italy

Available at super-fast 3G speed, our flat-rate mobile internet packages are very generous - just choose the package which suits your needs. Get 1 GB or 2 GB mobile data, all valid for 30 days. No activation needed!

Italy Data SIM Card

The Italy Data SIM card is pre-loaded with 10 GB or unlimited data at 3G speed. It's super easy to use, just insert the SIM when you arrive and start surfing! No activation or registration needed. It's ideal for use in your USB router, tablet/iPad or Mobile WiFi device. The data package is active for 30 days from when you first start using it.

Keep your own mobile number while traveling

If you want to stay reachable on your usual cell phone number when in Italy, just choose one of our SIM card packages, then add Call Forwarding time to your order. That way, HolidayPhone will forward all incoming calls to your normal number to your new SIM card for a fraction of the cost that you would pay with your home operator.

Good to know

All call tariffs from Italy

Make international calls €0.19/min
Receive calls dialled to the Italian SIM number Free
Make calls within Italy €0.10/min
Receive text messages Free
Send text messages across the world €0.13/SMS

Prices above include VAT.

Calls between two travellers in Italy using a prepaid Italy SIM Card from HolidayPhone

The rate for calls between two travellers using our Italian SIM cards equals that of local calls within Italy as stated above. If you are travelling in a party, we recommend that you order SIM cards for all travellers, so that you can make cheap calls between each other on your trip. To achieve this, just dial the Italian mobile phone number provided with the SIM Card.

Make international calls from Italy

To make international calls using the Italian SIM card, just dial the number in international format starting with a + sign followed by the international country code and phone number without the leading zero in the area code.

Example: To call to the US (country code +1) for example (751) 122 3344 becomes +1 751 1223344.

Receive calls in Italy

There is no cost for receiving calls dialed directly to your new number. If you choose HolidayPhone’s call forwarding option to your Italian prepaid SIM card you can receive calls dialed to your normal cell phone number just as usual. All calls are seamlessly forwarded to your new Italian number, without any international roaming charges. 

Locals in Italy or travel companions who also use HolidayPhone can reach you easily just by dialing your new Italian cellphone number.

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Medium Package

  • Ideal for a longer trip to Italy
  • Data: 2 GB at 3G speed
  • Call balance: Up to 40 minutes
  • Price: $62.90
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Data Package

  • Perfect for your tablet
  • Data: 10 GB at 3G speed
  • Valid for 30 days
  • Price: $61.90
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