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Sri Lanka prepaid SIM card

With a HolidayPhone Pay As You Go Prepaid SIM card for Sri Lanka, you can be reached on your ordinary US mobile phone number without international roaming charges, and make cheap calls to the US from Sri Lanka. A low cost mobile Internet package is also available!
HolidayPhone Sri Lanka - a smarter travel SIM card!
- Stay reachable on your ordinary US number without roaming charges. Receive 1 hour of calls forwarded free of charge (saves $95*)

- Call to the US for 1.6¢/min

- 1GB Mobile Internet usage costs just $2.40
Was: $99.90
Sale: $49.90 !!

*) Compared to receiving calls on your US number while roaming with an American carrier. Retaining your US number abroad is a unique feature of HolidayPhone, not available for SIM cards sold elsewhere.

All tariffs for Sri Lanka

Call to the US 2 Rs/min (1.6¢)
Receive calls on your American mobil phone number in Sri Lanka From 0¢/min (1 hour free call forwarding included. Additional call forwarding from 15¢/min)
Internet in your mobile or computer 1GB/30 days for 299Rs ($2.40)
Text messages across the world 5 Rs (4¢)
Receive calls dialed to the Sri Lanka mobile number Free
Text travel companion also using HolidayPhone 0.25 Rs (0.2¢)
Make calls within Sri Lanka 2 Rs/min (1.6¢)
Call travel companion also using HolidayPhone 1 Rs/min (0.8¢)

Prices above based on the 'Per minute plan'. Activation cost for the plan is 150 Rs ($1.20).

Sri Lanka sales tax of 31,61% will be added to prices in Rs.

Exchange rate used above: $1 = 126 Rs.

Flat Rate Mobile Internet in Sri Lanka

Flat rate mobile Internet packages are available at low cost. A 30 days 1GB data bundle costs just 299 Rs ($2.40) and is activated easily from your phone (easy instructions included). Just make sure you have call balance available as the Internet package cost is deducted from your call balance.

Say goodbye to arbitrary per MB fees while traveling and no more worrying about your phone bill when you return home after using mobile internet abroad.

Speed: GPRS/Edge.

The Sri Lanka SIM Card can be used as a data SIM card in a dongle, ipad/tablet, MIFI-router or used for tethering with laptop.

Calls between two travelers in Sri Lanka using HolidayPhone

The rate for calls between two travelers using HolidayPhone equals that of local calls as stated above.
If you are traveling in a party, we recommend that you order HolidayPhone for all travelers, so that you can make cheap calls between each other on your trip. To achieve this, just dial the local Sri Lanka mobile phone number provided with the SIM.

As a comparison, it could cost up to $8/minute to call between two US mobile phones without the HolidayPhone service in Sri Lanka. This is due to the roaming charges in effect both for the caller, and for the person receiving the call. Just a few minutes of talk time could pay for the cost of the HolidayPhone service, if both parties use HolidayPhone which means paying only the equivalance of 0.9¢/minute!

Topping up the call balance

There is no initial call balance on the sim card, so we strongly recommend you to top up the call balance according to your needs from us, when you order HolidayPhone. The call credit is used for outgoing calls, text and activation of internet packages.

If you during your trip need additional top up, you can buy top-up vouchers in kiosks, newsstands and supermarkets across Sri Lanka, or on our website for digital delivery by email.


Calling the US from Sri Lanka using HolidayPhone

When calling the USA using your HolidayPhone SIM card, just dial +1 followed by the US phone number. For example: 212-333-4444 becomes +12123334444.

Receive calls in Sri Lanka

You receive inbound calls dialed to your American mobile phone number in the normal way: The call will automatically be forwarded to your Sri Lankan number and you will receive the call - without any international roaming charges!

A Sri Lankan cellphone number is included, that can be used when people within Sri Lanka or travel companions using HolidayPhone, want to call you. There is no cost for receiving unlimited calls dialed directly to your Sri Lankan number.

What if the call forwarding time runs out?

The HolidayPhone package includes 1 hour of calls forwarded from the US. If you need more call forwarding, you can easily add extra hours at a low cost when placing your order, or when you're already at your destination.

When your call forwarding time is consumed, the call forwarding feature will simply stop working. You will never be charged extra fees for the service.

In comparison, it often costs $1-$5 per minute to receive calls while roaming with a US carrier abroad, so by using HolidayPhone, you can save up to $300 on receiving 1 hour of calls on your American phone number while traveling.

Internet settings in Sri Lanka

In order to get Internet settings for your phone:
Send a text message containing GPRS to 678.

Some phones may require manual settings:
Enter APN: ppwap
Enter Gateway IP:
Try again. If it still does not work, state
Proxy IP: port 8080
Try again. If it still does not work, state
Gateway IP: port 9201

We take care of SIM Card registration for you

Country-specific regulations require that you provide a photo copy of your passport in order for the operator to activate your SIM card. An image upload URL will be sent to you in your order confirmation e-mail.

Once we receive the copy, we will pass it on to the operator. We will not use it for any other purpose. As soon as your SIM card is activated, the passport image is removed from our system.

We take care of processing the SIM Card registration for you, so that the SIM you receive from us is activated and ready to use when you arrive.

Why do you need this?

According to regulations in Sri Lanka, the operator is required to know the identity of prepaid SIM card holders. These regulations apply for all Sri Lankan SIM Cards, both for citizens of Sri Lanka as well as foreigners.

Choose between Micro, Nano or Standard sized SIM

When ordering, be sure to choose the correct size and get a Micro, Nano or Standard sized SIM card.
- Standard size is used in older phones.
- Micro size is used in iPhone 4/4S and newer phone models.
- Nano size is only used in iPhone 5/5S/5C and iPad Mini.

If you are unsure about what size you'll need, just measure your current SIM card.

sim card

No obligations. No hassle. Direct dial local SIMs.

All HolidayPhone SIMs are local prepaid SIM cards which means that we can offer much lower rates, compared to using an "international SIM card".

There are no obligations, no contract and no subscription. We never charge any fees retrospectively.

If your destination country requires SIM card registration, we process your registration with the carrier on your behalf ahead of your arrival, so you don't have to worry about it. All HolidayPhone SIM cards are ready for use when you arrive at your destination.

Compare our offer with competitors

HolidayPhone offers a solution that is cheap and easy to use. If you're comparing our service with other providers, make sure to check:

Do you get your US calls forwarded for free, or will you be unreachable on your usual number while abroad?

Is mobile Internet / data included, or available at a reasonable price?

Is the SIM card activated and registered for you, or will you have to go through that hassle yourself upon arrival?

And lastly - compare rates. Our rates for calls, texts and internet are among the cheapest available in our destination countries.

Order HolidayPhone Sri Lanka

Order HolidayPhone Sri Lanka here »
You will receive the SIM card along with simple 1-2-3 instructions sent to your home address, prior to your departure.

Sri Lanka Prepaid SIM card

Keep in mind:

  • Get the right size
    Double check to find out if you need a standard, micro or nano SIM card.

  • Purchase top ups
    Don't forget to add top ups or data plans, if needed, when you place your order. Generally, our basic SIM packages do not have a balance.

  • Your phone must be unlocked
    In order to use our SIM cards, your cell phone cannot be locked to a carrier. If you're unsure, contact your operator directly. Or maybe you have an older, unlocked phone you can use instead?

  • Do you have any questions?
    Check out our FAQ